Friday, 20 January 2017

What Is The Best Stroller Travel System For The Money 2017

The Graco Metrolite Travel System is the best stroller travel system I have seen. The system comes with an infant carrier, stroller and carrier base (which is installed into the car). 

This is Graco’s lightweight stroller travel system, they have a heavier system called the Quattro, but it is too heavy and clumsy compared to the Metrolite.

The carrier base uses the LATCH hooks that are available in nearly every car made in the last decade and is easy to install. If you are sharing drop-off and pick-up with a spouse, additional carrier bases can be purchased. The infant carrier snaps into the stroller frame so transferring between car and stroller can be done without waking up a sleeping baby. 

The stroller is light weight but full featured. It has ample storage in the underneath basket. It folds up easily to put into the trunk or back of the van/SUV. Since this is the lightweight version, it is easy to lift. There are drink holders for both the adult and the child, along with a snack tray for the child. The stroller reclines all the way to the flat position to allow a baby to sleep without using the carrier. 

As the baby becomes old enough to support their own head, they can be put in the sitting position of the stroller. The stroller uses a 5 point harness to keep the child safe and secure. This jogger double stroller for infant and toddler can be used until the child has reached a height of about 36 inches, at which point their head will no longer be well supported by the backing of the stroller. 

Having this stroller travel system has greatly reduced the number of strollers we have needed over the first few years of our child’s life.