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MK Diamond 158189-AMZ MK-100 10-Inch 1-1/2HP Best Tile Saw Review

The MK Diamond 158189-AMZ MK-100 10-Inch 1-1/2HP Tile saw delivers professional results and is built with lightweight, durable material in the tradition of MK. The guide bar is to ensure smooth travel is a bonus for the unit.With a total of twelve reviews on Amazon contributing to a solid five star rating, we thought that they were definitely worth taking a closer look at. We also really liked the fact that the unit only had two four star ratings and no ratings below four stars. Overall people seem very impressed with this tile saw and the fact that it includes a folding stand is very nice indeed.

MK Diamond 158189-AMZ MK-100 10-Inch 1-1/2HP Tile saw Features

Powerful 115V, 1-1/2 hp fan cooled GE motor

Variable height cutting head allows for plunge cutting and use of blades smaller than

10″ in diameter

Features a shaft lock for safe, easy blade changes

Cutting depth capacity of 3-1/4

Built-in water distribution system supplies water to both sides of the blade

Permanently lubricated, dual-sealed, heavy-duty blade shaft bearings

Can rip cut a full 18″ tile while diagonally cutting a 14″ tile

One-piece reinforced zinc-plated steel frame

Linear-bearing and chrome-plated guide bar assembly ensure precise cutting

Water pump and 10″ tile blade are included

UL approved

Made in the US

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The Negative Reviews

As always we like to look at the negatives first. Not that we’re pessimistic – just realistic.

The negatives in this case are difficult to nail down to one recurring theme. Reviewers did not appear to have any serious issues with the saw. Mainly the biggest problems were with the fact the unit is too heavy for one person to move and requires more space to utilize. Another problem was the need to lubricate the slider due to a tendency for it to get hung. One negative reviewer felt that the wobbling of the base during operation was due to the fact it was cheaply made. The reviewer felt that metal braces or plywood could be used to reinforce it but believed it should have come with more reinforcements. There were only two negative reviews and the reviewers still believed that overall the saw was quiet and of high quality which speaks well of MK Diamond.

The Positive Reviews

The overwhelming majority of reviews for the 58189-AMZ MK-100 10-inch 1-1/2 HP Tile saw from MK Diamond are very positive indeed.Aside from many reviewers noting the heaviness of the saw requiring either two people or hand trucks to move it almost everyone found this saw to be quiet and perform a satisfactory cutting job. Many users had purchased MK Diamond saws previously or were aware of the reputation for quality.The 158189-AMZ MK-100 with 10-Inch blade and 1-1/2HP Tile saw is quiet and cuts a variety of tiles easily. The saw can be used for small projects such as retiling or larger projects such as the flooring when building a home.The DK Diamond saw was portable and easy to set up which was a major theme throughout all ten positive reviews for the unit. Experienced carpenters and novice users alike find the saw easy to use and that it provides a satisfactory cutting job.

Here is what one customer said about the MK Diamond 158189

I’m a DIY and originally purchased this saw because I was going to install porcelain tile, because it’s a hard stone I figured I would need a strong motor. I also liked that it cut large tiles and that MK had a good reputation. I was intimidated by tile work never having done any and I didn’t want to expend any frustrations on a lame tile saw. I wound up using ceramic tile and it sliced through all of it just fine. I did a small bathroom from floor to nearly the ceiling (David Veloz)

Review abridged read full review here:

The Conclusion

Would we recommend the MK Diamond 158819-AMZ MK-100 10-inch 1-1/2 HP Tile saw?

Absolutely and here’s why:

This top-of-the-line 10-inch diamond blade wet saw produces precise, chip-free cuts on all tile, ceramic, marble, and slate. While the saw may be heavy making it difficult to move and the base cheaply constructed DK Diamond has a reputation for quality, almost everyone (even negative reviewers) report that the actual cutting performance of the saw was precise on various sizes and types of surfaces. The 115-volt motor develops a peak 1-1/2 horsepower. Better yet, working with big tile is a breeze: this unit cuts a 20-inch tile lengthwise and a 14-inch tile diagonally. The locking blade shaft makes blade-changing a snap. A fully integrated, precision guide bar guarantees smooth travel, while the 10-inch blade gets you a 3-3/4-inch maximum depth of cut, and the professionally engineered high-torque AC 12.8 GE motor and Micro-V belt drive make sure this unit is going to last. The heavy-duty stand is sturdy and dependable, too. In short, this is a beautiful saw package for the exacting professional. Combine the precision cutting the durable construction of the saw, the included folding stand, lock for safety when changing the blades and quietness of the unit and you have a product that you can be comfortable using and abusing!

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